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Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp - Kat LOST 41.8lbs


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Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp - Why we are different

If you’ve been reading my blogs for any given time then you know that I live and breathe fitness.


One of my passions – if not THE thing that I’m most passionate about is helping folks burn fat and get fit again.

Of course you probably already know that I own and operate Fit Body Boot Camp here in Windsor where we’re helping boatloads of people get into the best shape of their life.

Lately I’ve been reading about the popularity of boot camp fitness programs online….I’ve seen them pop up at local parks and even some ‘big box gyms’ are jumping on the band wagon and are now starting to offer boot camp workouts. In fact where we started our bootcamp, Thames Valley Athletic Centre did exactly this by kicking us out and TRYING to copy us. I have no problem with this, copying someone is the best compliment you can pay and its very flattering.

And that’s why I’m writing you this blog today, to warn you about what boot camps really are and more importantly what they are NOT.

You see, not all boot camps are alike.

You wouldn’t buy a Hyundai Elantra and expect it to drive and handle like a BMW five series, would you?

And you certainly wouldn’t expect to get the same level of customer service from the Hyundai dealership that you would get from the BMW dealership.

While they’re both cars, the similarities stop there.

The BMW is in a class of its own by way of the quality of the car, the service from the dealership, the warranty from the manufacture, the build, fit and finish of the car as well as the resale value.

That’s how it is with boot camps as well.

While anyone can pop up a boot camp at a park, that’s where the similarities end.

If you’re working at the park then you’re probably dealing with all types of weather conditions – the heat, the cold wet mornings and the darkness.

Plus you have to deal with land mines that four-legged animals left behind.

Not to mention the limited access to equipment and of course the likelihood that the town or city may shut the boot camp down that takes place in the park (most cities do not look highly at fitness boot camps in public areas.)

Then there are some big box gyms offering “boot camp” style workouts, too.


Yep, boot camp style workouts.

Listen, that’s as insulting as me saying because I can open my mouth and make sound come out, that makes me as good a singer as the late Frank Sinatra or Whitney Houston.

Yeah right!

Here are the things with boot camps that take place in a big box gym….

First off, most are not even taught by certified personal trainers like me. In fact, most “boot camps” that take place in a big box gym are just glorified aerobics classes taught by aerobics instructors.

Secondly the big box gyms and the boot camps at the park don’t deliver the “magic ingredient” that makes Fit Body Boot Camp so awesome.

Yep, AWESOME! :)

For example… if you don’t show up to a workout at the park or the gym no one is going to call you or hold you accountable to your workout programs.

Accountability and motivation are the BIG reason’s that my clients see amazing fat loss results and why they keep coming back.

Plus, the big box gyms and boot camps that take place in parks don’t give you any nutritional guidance or personalized meal planning.

We do.

That’s why my clients make huge transformations in their fitness levels.

Just check Kat out >>>>

How you eat makes a world of difference in fitness and fat loss goals.  Think about it, you can’t out train a bad diet, right?

We make sure that you’re getting the results that you want each and every month.

Goal setting is a HUGE part of what we do here at Windsor FBBC
So as you can see, not all boot camps are alike.  You certainly do get what you pay for…

And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t pay (not even a little) to workout at a place that….

1) is not run by certified personal trainers
2) does not have the equipment needed to help you get faster
3) does not offer goal setting, motivation and accountability
4) does not offer personalized meal planning and nutritional coaching
5) can’t design their own workouts and instead follow it from a CD that coaches the class from the cd player (they know who they are)
6) does not offer a 30 day happiness guarantee – it’s a simple as that. Try Fit Body Boot Camp for 30 days and if you’re not happy with the program or your results anytime within the first 30 day, just lets us know and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

Okay, you now understand the difference between Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp and all other “boot camp” like workouts that don’t deliver the type of results that we do, right?


Now then, I want to help you lose three to five pounds in the next week. Here’s how that’s going to happen.

I want you to go to book yourself onto a free week of bootcamp and register yourself for unlimited amounts workouts with us next week.

I will also give you a shopping list and unlimited support and guidance, and tell you what you need to do to get great results.


Yep you read right. FREE. It gets you unlimited sessions here at Fit Body Boot Camp Windsor and a nutrition program that’s custom designed to help you burn more fat and get your fitness on!

Because I want you to understand why we are different from all other bootcamps.

Click here to take advantage now and let me show you how quickly we can help you lose weight, burn fat and get in the best shape of your life.

Oh and we can do all this while having a ton of FUN!