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Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp - Kat LOST 41.8lbs


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Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp - Success Story


Over the last few years I have been diagnosed with and suffered from:  arthritis in my spine, BPPV, Breast Cancer (given all clear), plantar fasciitis, knee problems, heart palpatations, joint pains, constant tiredness/insomnia and ganglions in my wrist, the list could go on.  I felt awful all the time, and I felt fed up. I looked grey and I looked and felt old.  On top of that I was being told ‘its your age’!  I was told I was going through the Menopause, which considering all the other things I had been suffering, came as a bit of a shock I can tell you!

I had been doing a lot of fitness classes and having PT sessions, but was still feeling unwell.  I had a physio session with the well-respected physio Jon Cooke who told me to cut down on the classes because I was causing injury to my feet and knees. Not what I wanted to hear.

In December 2011 I decided I had enough, and that it was time to battle through all of this.  I was NOT going to let doctors write me off by telling me that ‘its your age’, more importantly I made the decision that my BODY was not going to tell me that ‘its your age’.   I am not old, I don’t act ‘old’ and I absolutely do not intend going to go into old age quietly and discretely!

So on 3 Jan 2012 I joined Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp. One of the best decisions I have made. After 2 weeks of attending one session 5 times a week, I started to do two sessions each evening.  When Michael  changed them to 3 half hour sessions, so did I – although he has advised me that I should perhaps cut down.  This is going to be difficult because it has now become an addiction.

MY MOTIVATOR As I said, my main motivator for joining Boot Camp was for the reasons above but losing weight and toning up along the way was a bonus.  I had hoped to lose about 10lb to get back comfortably into my work suits.  They are now all too big, I’ve had to buy new ones. Not only have I been doing the boot camp sessions, I have followed the Elimination Diet which is a logical way to eat, cutting out all the things we know we shouldn’t be consuming.  I am not obsessed with this diet, I still eat out, still have a social life but it has changed my view on food types I am more aware of what affects my body than I did before, for example if I have white bread I can guarantee that I will feel sleepy shortly after.

So what has joining Windsor Fit  Body Boot Camp done for me?

Losses ?
1. 32 lb.
2. 28 inches
3. 3  dress sizes
4. Ganglions (I am convinced this is through the number of arm exercises we to do, in particular pushups!)
5. Dizzy spells associated with BPPV
6. Tiredness
7. Not only lost Menopause symptoms – (to quote Michael) –  smashed them – yay
8. Aches and Pains

Gains ?
1.    Energy levels have improved 100%
2.    Skin tone is far improved
3.    Muscle definition is much better
4.    Fitness is amazing
5.    General well-being is far improved
6.    Lots of laughs and new friends
7.    No one now says ‘its your age’, they say ‘ wow, not bad for your age’!!
7.   Constant scabs on my elbows from Plank and Power Plank exercises
8.    Many compliments
9.    Pain – but associated with the hard work my muscles are doing.

 To carry on Booting.  Michael as long as you are in our area, you’ll have a client in me.  I hope to still be battling and fighting against old age for many years to come.

Many thanks for your encouragement and nagging during your sessions.