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Bootcamp in Windsor - How To Get Jessica Ennis's Hot Body

I think there is something that most women said during the games, “I want her body”.

She looks awesome, and quite on honestly I don’t blame you for saying it!

She has low body fat, a great tummy, toned arms, wonderful legs and bum ….. Ok I am beginning to day-dream a bit here, but we all agree right?!

So now the games are over you may well be thinking that it is your time to shine. You want to make an effort to look better and healthier, but you think you can’t get her body. Sorry your wrong, you can. But it is what you do that will decide whether you reach your hot body replica!

There are a few things that I want to point out that she certainly doesn’t do, to reach that gold medal and that body.

ZUMBA AND AEROBICS – Yes it keeps you active and moving (which I am all for), but let’s be real here, it will never get you that body.


SHE DOESN’T TRAIN JUST WHEN SHE FEELS LIKE IT – She knows when she is going training.

SHE USES A EXPERT – She has someone who knows what it takes who has experience to get to her goals, she doesn’t go alone.

SHE DOESN’T SPEND 60 MINUTES ON A CARDIO MACHINE AT THE SAME SPEED – She will be doing various intensities of various exercises.

SHE DOESN’T BINGE ON FOOD IF SHE IS HAVING A BAD DAY – She would re-focus herself, know that tomorrow will be a different, and knuckle down.

She is a all round athlete, she can run fast, jump high, throw far and win. The events she does consists of 100m hurdles, high jump, shot putt, 200m, long jump, and her longest race is 800m which doesn’t last long at all.

Here are some things she does do:

SHE LIFTS WEIGHTS – She will do this to gain strength and power. She doesn’t use lightweight’s either that she finds easy. She will get out of her comfort zone and go heavy, without thinking that she is going to get “hench”.

SHE EATS FOR ENERGY – She will eat carbs all day (remember she does train for hour on end practicing drills) for energy. Yes it will get burned off, but like you she needs energy and she won’t avoid them.

SHE USES EXPLOSIVE WORKOUTS – She will train in short, sharp bursts full of intensity and nothing less. She won’t just squat, she will squat jump, she will lunge jump. She will recover then she will repeat. She won’t stay in her comfort zone at the same speed for 60 minutes.

SHE USES A SPECIFIC GYM – Your not going to find her in your local gym. She trains at a facility specifically designed for her to go hard as she can and not be limited for her progress. She can shout out loud, and not look silly, she can drop the weights, she can go faster than the treadmill, and can blare out the music and get in the zone.

SHE TRAINS TO GO FASTER, JUMP HIGHER, THROW FURTHER – She doesn’t train to look good.

By doing all of this, looking good is just the bonus of what she does.Maybe if you too, was focused on going faster, jumping higher, throwing further, beating your last workout then looking good would just come

Remember you are a result of your thought’s and if you are focused on beating your times, reps and intensity’s you will beat them. But if your thinking you don’t want to be fat, you are basically still thinking of fat. It will still attract itself to you.

Now here is a workout that will get you fitter, a workout that will give you a score to beat….OH AND YOU NEED NO EQUIPMENT SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE

As Many Rounds As Possible over 10 minutes:

Blast your way through as many as possible and record how many rounds you do. Then beat it next time! Feel free to post your scores below!