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Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp - Kat LOST 41.8lbs


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Nutrition: Ask The Expert

Celebrity TV diet expert, Dr Adam Carey, answers your commonly asked questions about fat burning pills, traffic light food labelling and the importance of eating the right breakfast.
I've always skipped breakfast in a bid to cut calories, but I've heard this could be causing my weight gain?
Eating breakfast is crucial for fat loss, because it kick-starts your metabolism and reduces levels of the fat promoting stress hormone, cortisol. Eating a protein rich breakfast, with a portion of low GI carbohydrates, will also sustain energy levels and prevent cravings throughout the day. Most packaged breakfast cereals have a high glycamic index, so better options, include:
If you're in a rush, a fruit smoothie with
Sculptress makes a quick alternative.
How good are the new traffic light food labels for someone wanting to lose weight and burn fat?
Traffic light labels can be misleading, especially if you're trying to lose weight. Firstly, traffic lights are based on a 'suggested serving', meaning foods can appear healthier than they really are! Secondly, they ignore protein – which is vital if you want to burn fat, because it elevates calorie burning, maintains muscle tone and prevents cravings. Finally, just because foods appear to have a green light for fat loss, doesn't necessarily make them good choices (for example, fruit juices are ok in moderation, but contain concentrated natural sugars). The solution is to eat a balanced, fresh-food diet, rich in lean protein and fibrous vegetables, and moderate in complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.
With so many diet pills available at my local chemist, how do I know which ones work?
Some nutrients are proven to boost fat loss. However, my number one tip is to avoid products that make unrealistic claims, such as 'lose 30lbs in 30 days', because they're simply not supported by research to be safe or effective. However, green tea, capsaicin (hot chilli), bitter orange, fish oil, CLA, and guarana/caffeine, are all natural extracts which are proven to safely promote fat burning or elevate metabolic rate. In conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise plan, these nutrients can often burn an extra 0.5-1lb of fat per week.
Make sure your diet pill contains the nutrient potency proven by scientists, to promote weight loss, such as Sculptress capsules, Finesse Omega and Definity CLA.