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No Legs, No Arms, No Worries!

As you guys know, not only do I like my Reading and Windsor Personal Training Clients and My Boot Camp in Windsor Clients getting awesome results, but I try make sure that their life is balanced and happy. Nothing is more important then your happiness. You have to wake up everyday feeling positive and happy. It rubs off on others, and if your happy then naturally happy people will surround you.
I got this text today from my client Sam Morton and the others at her work place.
This kind of thing makes my day, and I am happy to say that it happens a lot. Nothing is better than feeling appreciated, and not many of us get it. If you show passion and appreciation to others it comes back at you. And believe me, it is such a nice way of living your life, give it a try!
Now I am happy person all the time. Not much really brings me down....Well any more.
You see last year March 2010 I went Self Employed. Thing's were tough as it would be. But things were going down hill, business was not working as planned, and I realised this is one big world to be trying to make a living on your own.
Then BANG......
10TH of July 2010...... The Worst Day Of My Life. Out of the blue.
My brother was killed in a motorbike accident.
I was as down as you could be. I had excellent support from my wonderful girlfriend Stacey, but life just wasn't the same.
A few weeks later I went on Holiday with my best friends, Perry, John and Ashley. I went for a week then came back for my brothers funeral.
I put on weight, physically I hated myself, my mind was crazy, I was upset every single night. I had to stop Personal Training and find work else where. Things were getting worse, and eventually me and Stacey parted ways. And that was the icing on the cake :D .....NOT!
So what I did one day was just search YouTube. I think I started watching video's to get inspiration in my life. Then I stumbled upon a Video that really did change things. Obviously things were not instant but it had a dramatic effect.
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No Arms No Legs No Worries
No Arms No Legs No Worries - DVD
I allowed everyday to become a bad day.
I had to change. This guy was a inspiration. The rest is history.
I turned this Year into by far the best year of my life. I buckled down at Christmas, and knew what I wanted this year. I wanted to be happy, get back to what I love which was changing others lives like this guy had randomly done mine in 4minutes.
Fast Forward today......
I get texts every other day from people saying how happy they are. I am back with the girl of my dreams. I wake up feeling great and know what I want to do today. And next week I am going Las Vegas to celebrate an awesome year, which I know my bro would be Jealous of! I have the best set of mates, and family.
I went from this depressed photo of me last year:
To someone healthy again:
And also having a great life with some great people every evening:
Thanks to EVERYONE! Who let's me help them for whatever reason. And THANKS A MILLION for making everyday a great one.