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Lucy's 5 Ninja Tips!

My awesome client Lucy has written for us how she makes sure she loses 2-4lbs every week and so far 25 inches at our Boot Camp in Windsor. She applies pretty much everything I say, and she has the perfect mindset for success. Why? Because she has the determination and she knows what her goals are. P.S Lucy is short for time as she is a busy woman! So I have explained why the following stuff she does is important!
So over to Lucy!!! :)
1. Drink Lots of Water - The more hydrated we are the easier it is going to be for your body to function. The function it provides with body fat loss is incredible. Remember our muscles are made from water and proteins. So the more water we have, the more toned muscle we will have, which remember will burn calories for you! 1lb of muscle equates to about 350kcals being burnt etc per week when you are sitting around.
2. Eat Regularly (3 hourly). This is going to keep your metabolism alight! Think of your metabolism as a fire. You have to feed the fire wood to keep it burning! The same is with our body, feed it healthy food every 3 hours then your metabolism is going to remain roaring. When you go for 4 hours it will be like a candle and we don't want that! Remember have breakfast and turn it on the moment you wake up! Don't go for a hour or three with no breakfast. You don't burn to many calories in your sleep so make sure when you wake up, you remember to wake up your metabolism!

3. Be Prepared, always have snacks like fruit and nuts in your bag to help you if you are hungry. These are perfect snacks that will keep your metabolism going. The hard part is eating every 2-3 hours! The best thing to do is make sure you always have your snacks by your side throughout the day! Make sure you take fruit and nuts out of the house on your travels so you cannot snack on crisps or anything from a shop. Have your own whole food ready! FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL.

4. Plan Your Meals in Advance, eat before you get too hungry and opt for unhealthy quick snacks. At the beginning of your day you should know what your eating and have a fairly accurate idea of when. This will mean you can have a heads up  on any bad timing that you know may happen throughout the day. Or if you know you will be home from work late, you know not to eat carbohydrates, so you will have more of a protein meal. Be prepared for the day ahead and get awesome results!

5. Long Term Solution, make sure you're not in for a quick fix have your mind set on a long term goal.. Probably where 99% of people go wrong! Their Mindset is based on a quick fix. Lucy knows that if she lost 1lb per week from today until Christmas shes going to lose 27lbs, she knows if she loses 2lbs per week she is going to lose 54lbs. Her mindset is based on the end result, and not thinking I have only lost 1lb this week I feel like stopping! She knows if she keeps that up she will look awesome! She knows there will be tough weeks and great weeks!
Here is a lady who has lost 27lbs >>>>>
Here is a man who has lost 27lbs
Use them tips, go hard and impress yourself! They are the 5 things she uses like a ninja!
Oh and get down to Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp! The best Boot Camp in Windsor! Our current 23 members love it, and rock it!
And also a huge shout to Heather Hughes, who like Lucy has been applying the tips, and in the last 2 and a half weeks and has shrunk by 9 inches! WOOP WOOP!
And who said you can't get awesome success like Lucy and Heather? Its your choice to look awesome. Call me on 07584034511 or email MICHAEL@GRAYSPERSONALTRAINING.COM 
Don't leave it another month and don't give yourself another reason not to start right away! ACTION TAKERS WHO WANT SUCCESS ONLY! :)