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Windsor Bootcamp and our Mindset!

Ever wondered why your not acheiving your health and fitness goals?
Without a strong motivated mindset we all struggle. You need to train like its life or death, you need the hunger to succeed, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and say goodbye to bad habits. Easier said than done.
You see the most successful people in life aren't negative people. They are action takers saying yes and are relentless to everything that benefits them and no to the things that don't. We all know what we should eat and we all know what we shouldn't eat, we all know when we need to push harder in training and when your slacking off. Infact you already know what you should be doing but it's the mindset that makes or break success.
Here is an example of a very common yearly habit:
Sign up to the gym, and stop a couple of weeks later. This is a huge habit that millions of us do. But rather than the other 5 years you have done this and said to yourself you are getting fit, what made it different this year? Did you say "Right I am doing this!" and then say "I guess I don't really have the time" as a excuse. Infact you didn't carry on because the usual habit kicks in. You have the same mindset of being motivated then it quickly dissapearing. I know this doesn't happen at my bootcamp in Windsor! But why?
Do you want to know how to acheive your goals without me telling you what to eat or how to train?
I could litrally give you my most effective workouts and nutritional advice but without the following tips it isn't going to work!
You need to be a "I CAN" person and not a "I CAN'T". You know when someone asks you to go the gym and you say "Sorry Shirley I can't tonight....I have this excuse for you". But the hardest thing is saying "Yes of course I can".....This what you need to do establish why you can.
1) Establish your goals and break them down, for example: How much do you want to weigh in 12 months time and how do you want to feel, how much do you want to weigh in 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and then next week! By next month you can be 8lbs lighter if you lost 2lbs a week, or if you dont train you can be the same weight as you are now or more than likely a little heavier.
2) Can you do it if you say to yourself "I can burn an extra 800 calories today, I can increase my metabolism for the next 24hours so I am burning more calories when doing nothing, I can get my blood pressure down so I don't have heart problems, I can increase my chances of concieving, I can lose 2lbs of body fat this week, I can look more toned for my holiday, I can have the body I want for my holiday".....The list of reasons why you can could go on forever and these are just some idea's, I am sure you have your own reasons.
3) And of course establish the reason why you can't. Write them down next to the reason's why you can and ask yourself how this makes you feel.
4) Then simply use them reason's why you can and focus on them so you feel like your crazy if you can't!
5) Do your laces up get to the best bootcamp in Windsor.
6) Come with the desire to succeed and know what your goals are as this is going make you work harder at home and with me!
Or if you want to email me the email me at:
And if motivation is a issue then simply check out the testimonials of people's who lives are changing right now:
And also check out this video:
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