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15.5 inches at Boot Camp

As you know, Windsor Fit Body Boot Camp is rocking with many members getting huge results!
One in particular is the current transformation process of Lucy Tebbit. Yesterday I received this awesome email!
"Hi Michael
Here are my results after 3 weeks at bootcamp. I did 11 out of 12 sessions.
Waist 2 inches
Bust 2 inches
Arms 5 inches (2.5 each)
Thighs 4 inches (2 each)
Hips 2.5 inches that is a fantastic 15.5 inches!!

I am wearing an old pair of jeans I could not fit into 3 weeks ago, now aiming for next "old" pair !!!
Thank you for helping me achieve these results.....I am coming back for more punishment as I want to drop 2 dress sizes!
This lady has changed so much over the last 3 weeks. In fact I would say life changing. In every workout she has given it her all and applied everything I said. You can physically see the difference in her, and also so how she has changed mentally to when I very first met her. After just 3 weeks I would also say she is now one of the fittest there, and she is wearing my Boot Camp t-shirt with pride! Well done Lucy!!
With everyone doing awesome it would be hard to mention you all! However the people that inspire others such as Stacey Davidson and Melanie Ellis deserve a mention. These two ladies rock each time at boot camp, and set a great example of what can be acheived when working out, and as we know boot camp is for all fitness levels, and yet they can still struggle.
Another important mention should go to Sue McLellan! She missed the last week due a knee injury. However the weeks before she killed it with her amazing core strength and even holiding a plank for 2mins50secs! Not bad at all! Infact AMAZING! She came to every session the first 2 weeks with a bad knee, but she had that hunger to come simply because she knew what can be acheived. Setting a great example, and not using any excuses! What I love to see!
We have done some amazing workouts such as "DAVE, MUSCLE DESTRUCTION, TERROR AT THE TENNIS COURT, AND MORE!" With everyone doing so so well.
I appreciate all of you as your dedication is second to non!
Your Trainer
Committed To Your Success
Michael Gray