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Cathie White Drops a Jean Size!

One of my top clients gave me a awesome email for me to wake up to today!
This weekend I trained two of the most amazing clients ever Lea and Jane (You guys are doing great, infact they became that little bit lighter and after knowing them for a quite a while now it is still just as good as their first results!) So this gives me a great reason to be happy!
And today the amazing Cathie White reached her first milestone! I woke up to this great email.....
Hi Michael,
I just wanted to let you know that I bought some new size 10 jeans yesterday and they fit! I needed new ones as I found I could take my old ones off without undoing them! So thanks for your help with achieving this brilliant milestone.
See You Tuesday
She has done this by seeing me each week, doing her homework twice a week and going to a dance class! And also eating perfectly, not missin her snacks and making sure she never goes 3 hours without eating! And like Lea and Jane (The Legendary Clients of Grays Personal Training) she is doing CRAZY GOOD!
...... I just want to say Cathie I can't wait till tuesday to help you another step further to your milestones!
So here are some of my top tips for fitness success that you NEED to apply:
1. Eat every 3 hours! Little and often....This increases the metabolism and your body will burn calories rather than store them!
2. When you are not with me (I may see you only 1-3 times a week) do your homework workouts! These are your insurance policy to completely rock your results!
3. Go hard or go home! Doing a half hearted workout gets you half the results! Imagine every rep is your last and every step is the first!
4. Call me, text me, email me, shout at me! To EVERYONE....I am a PERSONAL TRAINER! I AM YOUR TRAINER! Those who ask questions, are the ones that get the best results.....
5. Apply the ALL of the other 4, and you have no reason not to achieve!
Keep Rockin!
OH WAIT..... And I CANT WAIT FOR THE START OF BOOT CAMP TOMMOROW! THAMES VALLEY ATHLETICS CENTRE AT 6PM MON TUES THURS AND FRI! You can give me a special call for you if you want to come! 07584034511!
Committed To Your Success
Michael Gray!