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Just finished a two week Boot Camp with Michael and would highly recommend him. Each day was different which I really enjoyed. I lost 5lbs in weight, 1.5 inches around my belly button and 1 inch from my waist! 4lbs of actual body fat and increased my muscle % to help me look more toned! I have been teaching aerobics classes since 2007 and found the sessions beneficial as did the other participants who weren't used to regular exercise. Give it a go you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Andrea Wardle, January 21 2011
I had not exercised fully for over 2 years and then I went on the boot camp. Day one I struggled but by Day 10 I was smashing all my scores on the fitness test and will continue to train from now on. I managed to attend all 10 days and every day was different and fun. I lost 4lbs and dropped a jean size, which is about 2 inches around my waist! I would recommend Michael to anyone and will attend another boot camp in the future when I am back from my travels!
Nick Kellaway January 21 2011
"Having a relatively active lifestyle, including rugby and gym sessions, I attended Michael's first bootcamp with the intention of giving my fitness a boost for the rugby season. After the first week I noticed I had more energy on the pitch and off the pitch. After the bootcamp, I lost a total of 9lbs and my body fat % had lowered. This surpassed my expectations and made me feel very good about myself. I can testify, you get a great, fun workout and you get brilliant results! Thank you Mike!"
Paul Darby January 2011
Michael has helped me get back into training, I love the Boxing Classes because you make them fun and you make us work hard! I will be coming to the classes every week as I enjoy them so much!
Charlotte Collis August 2010
I have been working with Michael since January 2009. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Doctors said that I could have problems trying to conceive children in the future if I did not lose weight. I also wanted to make sure that I looked good in a bikini on the beach with the girls in the Summer so I thought that I would give Personal Training a try as I never succeeded at the gym on my own before as I always got bored.
I was very nervous about meeting Michael for the first time but he instantly put me at ease and made me feel really relaxed and welcome. We discussed my weight loss goals and he took my measurements. I weighed 84kg (13.2 stone) which was a bit of a shock but Michael was really positive and said that I would lose weight in no time even though I was not at all convinced. However, Michael was right and after 12 sessions I had lost over a stone and by March 2009 I was weighing 75kg (11.8 stone). It was during that time that I found out I was pregnant which was a really lovely surprise as I had obviously lost enough weight to conceive.
Since then Michael has been really supportive and offered to create a pregnancy fitness plan for me. He has been really patient and understanding when I have needed to cancel Personal Training Sessions as the last minute due to morning sickness and texts me regularly to check that I am doing ok and to rearrange sessions.
Michael manages to both inspire and motivate me to reach my weight loss goals and knows exactly how to push you to your limits. Michael always changed the content of each Personal Training session to avoid me getting bored which is one of the reasons why I hated going to the gym originally but there is no danger of that with Michael who makes each Personal Training session exciting using a broad variety of training techniques including Boxercise which I absolutely loved.
His best trait is that he is a really lovely guy- reliable, friendly, supportive and very hard working. He is results orientated and always keen to assist his clients in reaching their goals. I genuinely enjoy Michael's company which makes each session fun. I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants real results.
Sophie El Gueddari June 2009
Dear Mike,
Thankyou for never giving up on me and thank you for all your support, hardwork and advice. See you at bootcamp!
Julie Cook July 2010
Michael's been encouraging and motivating me in my quest to lose weight since I joined the gym in September 2008 - I've lost 3 stone so far and am thrilled! This is such a great achievement - especially as I have hypothyroidism which means I struggle with my weight so need to eat healthily and work out regularly to keep it from creeping up.
When I first joined the gym, it was very difficult to get motivated to come in, by the time I finished work it would already be dark and I just wanted to go home! However Michael's friendly banter was a great distraction so I'd clock up double the minutes on the treadmill and his helpful tips which he dropped into conversation were very useful. As I got fitter I found I needed more variation to keep me on track so I turned to Michael for personal boxing classes and haven't looked back! His strong focus on technique has been a fresh approach for me - he's not only taught me how to balance to save me from hurting my clumsy self but how to focus and best use my energy to last the full 30 minutes. The short sessions are great and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle, and the buzz at the end is well worth the effort. I look forward to our sessions as I know Michael will have added something new to keep pushing me to my limit whilst ensuring I take regular water breaks. Instead of awkward silences whilst I get my breath back or small talk about the weather Michael starts up engaging conversations and it's nice to be able to let slip that you had a few wines on the weekend without being scared of a telling off!
Michael really differentiates himself from other trainers by having a great personality and a genuine interest in getting his clients fit. If I've been slacking or skiving a bit he always sends me a text to check I'm okay which gives me a kick to get back into training and really shows he cares. I'm also very grateful for his patience & understanding with my last minute cancellations due to work commitments. Anyone looking to work out with a friendly caring trainer who delivers on results without being patronising or over-pushing clients should definitely get in touch with Michael - you won't regret it!
Madeleine Murphy January 2010
Michael is an excellent personal trainer who listened to what I wanted to achieve, developed a programme that was enjoyable and which stretched me further week by week to achieve my goals of 22lbs (10kg) weight loss and getting me fit to ski this winter. His style is very positive and non-judgemental, a great combination. A pleasure to be trained by him.
Leander Vaughan January 2010
I started training with Mike back in November 2009, and he has helped me tremendously in achieving my goals. In a matter of a month I noticed a huge difference in my performance and my stamina. He's always extremely helpful and is happy to give advice. I have since continued with my training regime and thanks to the support that I initially got from Mike, it has given me the motivation to continue striving for my goals. I also look to Mike for further advice as I continue to train even though I have moved away.
Kris Geargeoura June 2010
I went to Michael's boxing class and I got a lot out of it. He was an excellent trainer and gave out great advice and even though I do not attend these classes (due to moving away) anymore it has inspired me to carry on boxing as I really enjoyed it, and also to carry on losing weight in many different ways. I will still get advice from Michael on losing weight as I find it is very helpful. I find that I got most of my motivation from the classes by learning how to properly do boxing. Thank you very much Michael because of the boxing and me carrying on exercising I have lost about 2 stone since starting boxing and carrying on classes at my local gym. 
Beckii Clarke August 2010
I am using Michael to help me get fit and back into shape after having my son. The classes are fun and you make me work hard to reach my goals. I would recommend the boxing to people who want to have a good time and increase their fitness, as Michael is a FANTISTIC trainer.
Zoe Battison August 2010
Michaels one month training programme helped me to kick start into boxing, the programme is giving me amazing explosive power and as I am a small guy I need this to be an advantage to me! Mike is very passionate about what he does so teaching, coaching and training people does come very natural to him. I have learnt alot from Michael and still alot more to come
Michael Taylor august 2010
"I met Michael on a 12 day fat flush boot camp that he challenged us with, I decided to give it a go and I am ever so happy I did.

I am one of the many of us wanting badly to change his/her life style and eating routine but doing nothing about this because lack of time, energy or lack of will to make a move. But that has changed once I met Michael and started to attend the boot camp sessions.After the fat flush boot camp experience I decided to follow a course of three different two-week exercise programmes, prepared by Michael to suit the targets I am aiming at. I have started going to gym three times a week and it’s been working perfectly so far.
Going to the flush boot camp sessions in the morning also opened my eyes to the possibility of doing the exercising in the morning which I discovered is not as hard as I was afraid it was going to be; instead, a morning workout has a better effect on your body and gives you a great bonus for the rest of the day.

It was exactly what I was looking for, something attractive, fun, packed with great range of various exercises, the workout was well supervised and coordinated, it was something that worked on me, which made me getting out of my unhappy condition!
Along with a very good workout, I also got great advice and tips on nutrition, food balance and dietary guidelines.
I was amazed to see how getting into a routine of exercising and a good balanced diet helped me giving up a lot of bad habits like not eating breakfast at all, eating too many sugary items and not eating enough fruit and vegetables, eating very late in the evening, drinking coffee and not drinking enough water.

Getting to know Michael has made me change a lot and I am so much happier with myself and confident that I am doing the right thing and this new life style will help me in time achieving a great body shape.

No question that meeting my trainer Michael was definitely one of the best thing that could have happened to me at the beginning of this year and I would highly recommend anyone to at least give it a try and get the chance of something good happening to them too.
I am positive about getting the results I’m hoping for and many thanks to Michael’s experienced training help.

Thank you"
I find Michael’s boxing class highly beneficial and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to keep fit or get into shape and improve your boxing skills such as, technique, speed and power. I go to Michael’s class every Thursday and I feel my fitness and technique is improving more and more each week. He is a very good trainer and also makes it very enjoyable so I would recommend it to anyone! He also does a boot camp which is hard but beneficial but you can take everything at your own pace and push yourself accordingly when you start finding it easier!
Dean Flynn August 2010
Michael's approach to boxing is very highly focused on devloping others. He will always be there to give you feedback when the pace is increased! If your looking to get fit and push yourself Michael's boxing sessions are great just as his Personal Training.
Ollie Howard August 2010
Michael is a thorough and patient trainer who?s attention to detail
aids quick skill progression. His boxing classes are well tailored to
individual ability and are a great way of keeping fit whilst building
boxing technique. I would recommend Michael and his boxing class to
anybody looking to take their training to the next level.
Steven Frew September 2010
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