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Group Personal Training
Group Personal Training is a great way to get fit! Here are some of the types of people that really suit Group Personal Training:
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Wedding Related (Brides, Bridesmaids, Groom, Best Man)
  • Holiday Related (Beach Holidays, Skiing Holidays, Active Holidays)
  • Mums
The great thing about Group Personal Training is there's the friendly banter and competition amongst yourselves. You get to soak up other peoples energy and blast it into what you are doing. It is also very cost effective, as it is only an extra £10 per session on top of 1 on 1 personal training prices per person, and you simply split the price amongst yourselves!
1 Session Per Week / 4 Sessions Per Month
2 People: £260 PER MONTH
2 Sessions Per Week / 8 Sessions Per Month
2 People: £480PER MONTH
3 Sessions Per Week / 12 Sessions Per Month
2 People: £660 PER MONTH