Grays Personal Training - Get To Your Ultimate Goal
Gray’s Personal Training is run by Michael Gray, Michael is a qualified Personal Trainer in Reading and Windsor and also covers surrounding towns in Berkshire and Surrey.


My goals as a personal trainer, is to educate and motivate you on specific training and nutritional methods which will help you get to your goals, which maybe but not limited to:
Body Fat Loss
Build Muscle
Inch Loss
Developing a toned appearance
Training for your specific sport
Improved nutrition
Getting past your current plateau
Have a Pre natal or post natal pregnancy
Looking good for a special occasion (Wedding's and holidays)
I will come to your home, office, local park or you may come to Slough Hockey Club the home of Windsor Boot Camp in order to get you to your goals! You can get a excellent workout suited to you in any enviroment! So you have no excuse to use that would stop you getting yourself in better shape!
Many people think of exercise as hard work, a struggle, when it shouldn't be! Then they think of a Personal Trainer as the bully of all bullies....However its not at all, and I very much doubt my clients would keep coming back to me constantly if I was like that! The easiness and enjoyability levels of using a Personal Trainer will make getting to your goals lots of fun and easier than you could have ever imagined by using our specialist techniques! I am not a scary military sergeant, but when I get you working you will have all pistons firing with a smile on your face!
Here is a little bit about Your Trainer:
"After 8 years of Boxing with 1000's of gruelling sessions under my belt I understand how mentally challenging getting fit and staying fit can can be.
When I boxed it was such a struggle trying to get the weight off me and melting off the body fat, it can be de-motivating, heartbreaking and even torturous, I have experienced it first hand, I know your suffering!!! 
You can hit the hurdles with motivation from just starting to keep fit, or it can effect you at the very top of your game, it can hit us at any point. I have seen it in everyone, including myself!
So with my own experiences and tonnes of successful clients (Testimonials) I have developed the very best weight loss, muscle building, health, sport specific and flat tummy systems to get you to your goals! I am here to give you the drive to succeed, to train you so you can see that you can get to your goals without the mental setbacks, without the risk of injury through safe, effective, enjoyable tailor made programmes and sessions for when suits you, you will GET TO YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL."
If there is any more you would like to know about me please feel free to contact me.
Grays Personal Training is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
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