Grays Personal Training - Get To Your Ultimate Goal
1 ON 1 Personal Training
These sessions include an initial consultation on your lifestyle, past activity levels and your goals. You will be asked to fill out a pre exercise questionnaire in which I will be made aware of any medical conditions you may have, so that I can take it into account in our sessions, tackle the condition and be free of the condition for example, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Obesity. The sessions will be fun and are the quickest way of getting you to your goals such as weight loss, getting the flat tummy you desire, or even gaining muscle. By using a wide range of training techniques and equipment including Kettlebells, Plyometrics to Boxing and much more, your goals will come quickly with these very effective sessions! The Benefit of One on One sessions is that I get to focus completely on you. My programmes will be tailor-made and scientifically based on YOUR health, YOUR goals and targets and YOUR mindset.
1 Hour Personal Training
1 Sessions Per Week / 4 Session Per Month:
£220 per month
2 Sessions Per Week / 8 Sessions Per Month:
£400 per month saves £40
3 Sessions Per Week / 12 Sessions Per Month Plus 1 FREE SESSION: £540 SAVES £120 per month