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ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF.....Your clothes not fitting the way they should?
 Trouble spots that just wont go away?
Your busy schedule keeping you from being fit and feeling good?
Not fitting into your skinny jeans?
Being unconfident with your body?
Not looking toned in time for your holidays or events?
“Michael is an excellent personal trainer who listened to what I wanted to achieve by developing a programme that was enjoyable and which stretched me further week by week to achieve my goal of 22lbs (10kg) weight loss and getting me fit to ski this winter. His style is very positive and non-judgemental, a great combination. A pleasure to be trained by him.”
Leander Vaughan January 2010
· I need to diet and starve myself! IT’S NO FUN!
· I am too stressed to be bothered!
· I have no time!
· I don’t enjoy it!
· I don’t know if I do it right anyway?!
· I won’t stick it out!
· A Personal Trainer is too expensive!
· NO FAD DIETS! Our advanced nutritional software will personalise a eating programme for your specific requirements.
· Exercise is known to de-stress and let your HAPPY endorphins out.
· Learn THE SECRETS of how to burn more calories when you’re not exercising!
· I can make it easy for you to stay motivated by using fun workouts that you will be able to stick to, enjoy, and even make you look forward to training!!
· What price would you put on your health, and to have the body you want? You can get there through different offerings on Personal Training and Boot Camps!
Now here is a bit about me…
Your Personal Trainer
Michael Gray
“After 8 years of Boxing with 1000's of gruelling sessions under my belt I understand how mentally challenging getting fit and staying fit can be.
When I boxed it was such a struggle trying to get the weight off me and melting off the body fat, it can be de-motivating, heartbreaking and even torturous, I have experienced it first hand, and I know your pain!!! Plus I was doing it the wrong way!
You can hit the hurdles with motivation from just starting to keep fit, or it can effect you at the very top of your game, it can hit us at any point. I have seen it in everyone.
So with my own experiences and tonnes of successful clients (check out some of my testimonials) I have developed the very best weight loss, muscle building, health, sport specific and flat tummy systems to get you to your goals! I am here to give you the drive to succeed, to train you so you can see that you can get to your goals without the mental setbacks, without the risk of injury through safe, effective, enjoyable tailor made programmes and sessions for when suits you.
My training is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals."
Committed To Your Success
Michael Gray
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